What is Carrageenan and is it Bad for Me?

We have a lot of questions about the things that we are putting into our bodies. I would say that even though things like obesity rates are on the rise, we also have a lot more people who are beginning to put genuine thought into the items they are putting into their body. Whether it is to do with limiting our bad habits, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, or looking at the types of things that are in our food, it all boils down to doing things that are healthier than what we were doing before.


But how does all of this relate to food additives? We can explain. The reason why additives are a part of the conversation is because additives are often thought of as being something that is bad for us. We do not even take the time to consider the additives that may be good, versus the ones that are indeed not good for our bodies. Instead, we have developed this concept where every one of the additives that is in food is viewed as bad. And this is not a good thing, particularly for additives such as carrageenan, because these are the additives that have nothing but good impacts on our body.

The thing about food additives is that they are viewed as being bad because they are viewed as being manufactured. But what we have to consider is that everything is manufactured to some extent. And even though a number of these additives may have odd names, which sound very much like chemicals, we need to understand that they are all coming from a natural place. So, it is not as if you are eating something that was genetically engineered or something of the sort.

As we talk about some of the additives in particular, we have to understand that the reason they are still being put into our foods is because they are being cleared by the FDA. There is nothing wrong with these types of additives, as they extensively tested for many years before they are given the all clear. And even though some people may have conspiracy theories about how all additives are bad, there is no evidence to suggest that something like that is the case. So, we do have to take things one case at a time, instead of lumping everything with each other.

So, when you are next picking up something at the grocery store, and you read the name of some additives that you immediately think are bad, you may want to do your research. It does not even take too long. A quick search on your favorite search engine is about all you need to do if you want to get the right results about additives. You will be able to see the research, and the statements by people who know what they are talking about. And then you will have a full idea about what to eat and not to eat in terms of food additives.