Examining the world’s richest writers and artists

As an unpublished writer, I often find myself discouraged by the fact that I have not been able to get any of my works published up to this point.  Recently, I looked over a list of celebrity net worth on the internet and focused specifically upon the authors who are on that list.  Stephen King once said that both aspiring and professional writers will read the work of others and either be intimidated by the fact that they feel that they will never be as good as the author they are reading, or they will be encouraged because they know that they are already better than the author they are reading.  It is difficult to say whether seeing some of the authors on this list was either encouraging or intimidating.  Some of them certainly are much better than I am, while others, in my opinion, could never hold a candle to my own writing abilities.

    Either way, taking a look at the list of celebrity net worth is something that has made me draw into question a number of things.  I certainly do believe that any writer who is able to publish a best seller, regardless of whatever some might think of their abilities, should receive the money that they get.  However, if I can look at an author on this list and feel as though I am a better writer than they are, then there might be some kind of hope for me in the future.  The fact is, many writers struggle for years, or even decades, before they get their first works published, and many of these writers later become extremely rich and extremely famous.  I really do not care for either fame or riches, but it definitely would be nice to at least have some works published so that I would be able to make a decent living doing what I love to do.

    This scenario, of course, is similar in many of the arts.  There are many great musicians and artists that were not fully appreciated until they had actually passed away.  Although there are certain objective skills necessary for one to be a good artist, it is still completely subjective.  Different people will like different things, and so the main goal for any artist, no matter their skill level, ought to be to find their specific target audience in order to allow themselves to flourish.

celebrity net worth

    I think there are a number of things that can be taken from looking over a list like this, but an aspiring artist or writer ought to do their best to not become bitter or jaded by such a list.  The most important thing is to just keep doing what you love and hope that one day the right people will read it and you will be able to develop a core following of fans that can help to take you to that next level.  That is what I am hoping to do myself.